23rd July 2012

In an Emergency

Emergency Contact

Fortunately, genuine Orthodontic emergencies are rare. However, it is not uncommon for braces to break.

What should I do if my fixed brace breaks?
Fixed braces are fairly robust. However, sometimes a component may break, most commonly during the first few weeks of treatment. Usually it’s a bracket that may have have come unstuck from its tooth or a wire or piece of plastic chain that’s become bent or broken

If this happens, don’t worry! Just give us a call as soon as possible during normal working hours so that we can offer you an appointment to make you comfortable. If time permits, we will try to repair the breakage at the same visit.

What should I do if my removable brace breaks?
If your removable brace breaks, is very loose, if there is an obvious area of soreness or any other problem, please telephone for an appointment at the earliest opportunity but continue wearing the brace if at all possible. If you leave it out, your teeth will start to drift, within a day or two the brace will no longer fit and then treatment will have to be restarted from the beginning.

My fixed brace hurts my teeth. What should I do?
It takes approximately two to three weeks for your mouth to adjust after you’ve had your fixed brace fitted. During that adjustment period you can apply a small amount of orthodontic wax to the brackets where needed. In addition, the teeth may feel tender for a few days, so it may be a good idea to take an over-the-counter painkiller. Hot salt mouth-rinses may help if you experience ulcers.

Most patients wearing fixed braces experience no particular discomfort or problems following the fitting of their fixed braces. A small minority of patients experience a bit more discomfort than usual or even outright pain during the first few days after their brace was fitted. If this is happening to you, remember to use the wax and painkillers and please be reassured that within a few weeks, things will only improve. However, please don’t hesitate to call to arrange a separate visit if necessary (if only to allow us the opportunity to give you reassurance).

There’s a wire at the back of my fixed brace that’s digging into my cheek.
Treatment with fixed braces frequently involve closing gaps between teeth. Sometimes, when gaps are being closed during treatment, a small bit of wire can start to stick out from the back of the brace which can cause irritation. If this is causing a problem, use the orthodontic wax in the first instance and call us during normal working hours to arrange an emergency appointment so that we can remove the small bit of wire that’s causing the problem.

In the event that you seek further assistance out of normal working hours, you can reach one of our team on 07476 270393. Please leave a message and your call wil be returned shortly. Alternatively, the Herts Out-of-Hours Dental Service can be reached on 03000 333 224. Advice can also be obtained from NHS Direct on 0845-4647.