16th July 2012


After orthodontic treatment with fixed braces, retainers are usually provided to minimize the chance of relapse, or unwanted movements of the newly straightened teeth.

Most patients are given clear plastic retainers to prevent relapse. Because the face continues to grow throughout life, a small amount of relapse can occur if patients stop wearing their retainers altogether. Therefore, patients who want to ensure that their teeth remain as straight as when their fixed braces were removed, may choose to continue wearing their retainers every other night on an indefinite basis.


Clear Plastic Retainers

Clear plastic retainers are provided when you finish active orthodontic treatment. The big advantage of these retainers is that they are only worn at night time! Click on the link below for detailed instructions.


Bonded Wire (fixed) Retainers

In some cases, a small wire is ´glued´ to the back of the front teeth where no one will see it to keep the teeth straight. However, just like fixed braces, they can over time become damaged or detached from the teeth resulting in some tooth movement. Patients might need to wear an additional ´back-up´ plastic retainer just in case. As the wire prevents conventional flossing, “super-floss” which has a threader at one end, is used instead.