26th July 2012

Statement of Purpose

Statement of purpose

Health and Social Care Act 2008


Service provider

Full name, business address, telephone number and email address of the registered provider:

Name Sarah Hepburn

Address line 1 17 Park Place

Address line 2

Town/city Stevenage

County Herts

Post code SG1 1DU

Email inlineortho.stevenage@nhs.net


Main telephone 01438-765390

ID numbers

Where this is an updated version of the statement of purpose, please provide the service provider and registered manager ID numbers:

Service provider ID

Registered manager ID


Aims and objectives

What do you wish to achieve by providing regulated activities?

How will your service help the people who use your services?

Please use the numbered bullet points:

 1. To promote good oral health to all patients attending our practice for care and advice.

2. To provide high quality orthodontic care, including periodic examinations and treatment, where required.

3. To understand and meet the needs of our patients, involve them in decisions about their care and encourage them to participate fully.

4. To involve other professionals in the care of our patients, where this is in the patient’s interests for example, referral for specialist care and advice.

5. To participate in local initiatives to promote the benefits of general and oral health to the wider population.

6. To ensure that all members of our team have the right skills and training to carry out their duties competently and with confidence.

7. To ensure an awareness of current national guidelines affecting the way we care for our patients.


Legal status

Tick the relevant box and provide the information requested for the type of provider you are:


Individual • YES

Partnership •

List the names of all partners




Limited liability partnership registered as an organisation •

Incorporated organisation •

Company number

Company structure

Please repeat the following table for each of your regulated activities1


Regulated activity 1

Treatment of disease, disorder and injury


Services • orthodontic assessment and treatment

Regulated activity 2

Surgical procedures


Services • Insertion of Orthodontic Temporary Anchorage Devices

Regulated activity 3

Diagnostic procedures


Services • diagnosis of dental disease including caries, periodontal disease and malocclusion

• photographs, study models and radiographs – taking and diagnosing,

• soft tissue screening


As listed on your certificate of registration. Please repeat the section below for each location for this regulated activity

Location 1:

Name of location As above

Address line 1

Address line 2

Address line 3

Address line 4

Address line 5



Brief description of location


  • The premises are located on the 2nd Floor of 17 Park Place which is conveniently located for parking and public transport.

• The premises are equipped with an induction loop for the hearing impaired and we have access to remote translation services.

• As there is no lift in the building, the premises are not suitable for wheelchairs or those who cannot use stairs. Assistance is available to access our services e.g. members are staff are happy to help parents carry prams or pushchairs up the stairs to the clinic and will bring printed materials (including copies of patient photographs and radiographs) for treatment planning discussions (in a ground floor location in the building once privacy is ensured) with parents/guardians who are unable to use stairs. Patients/parents who are unable to use stairs are offered the choice of referral onwards to an orthodontic practice with disabled access or to be seen/treated by our team at a local general dental practice (with whom we have secured arrangements for this purpose) that is located on the ground floor and therefore has disabled access and which is a 4 minute walk from our location.


No of approved places/beds

(not NHS) N/A

Name and contact details of registered manager(s)

(if applicable)

Full name, business address, telephone number and email address of each registered manager.

For each registered manager, state which regulated activities and locations(s) they manage.

Copy and paste the sub-section if they are more registered managers


Registered manager 1

Full name: N/A

Proportion of working time spent at each location (for job share posts only):


Contact details:

Business address:










Regulated activities:





Service user band(s) at this location

Use 


Learning disabilities or autistic spectrum disorder •

Older people •

Younger adults •

Children 0-3 years •

Children 4-12 years •

Children 13-18 years •

Mental health •

Physical disability •

Sensory impairment •

Dementia •

People detained under the Mental Health Act •

People who misuse drugs and alcohol •

People with an eating disorder •

Whole population •YES

None of the above

Please give details: