6th December 2018

Train Track Braces

Metal Train Tracks

Fixed braces are popularly known as ´Train Tracks´ and consist of metal or virtually invisible brackets that are ´glued´ to the teeth in a procedure that is completely pain-free. An orthodontic wire connects the brackets, is initially pulled out of shape and then returns to its original shape (a perfect arch) to pull the crooked teeth into line.

The wires are changed by the orthodontist on several occasions and are held in place by elastic ligatures that for metal fixed braces, come in a choice of colours (click here to see the colour choices). Treatment with fixed braces rarely takes longer than two years.

Tooth Coloured Train Tracks

If you want straighter teeth but are concerned about how you’ll look with metal coloured braces, we offer a ceramic tooth coloured bracket as an alternative. They are discreet so you’ll look great throughout your treatment and it will be difficult to see you are even wearing braces!


At some point during treatment with train tracks or fixed braces, we may ask you to wear elastics. These should be worn 24 hours a day including mealtimes. They should be changed daily and worn when you attend your appointments so we can check that you are wearing them correctly. Always carry the bag of replacement elastics with you during the day in case an elastic needs to be replaced.